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Wildflowers of the Boundary Waters  



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Wildflowers of Northeastern Minnesota 

The famous Swedish botanist Linnaeus (Latinised version of his original name: Carl von Linné) has linked his name to this plant. "Borealis" indicates a northerly distribution of the species, but it appears also further south. It grows in light coniferous forests with many mosses on the ground.  Photo by Erik W. L. Anderson

Linnea Borealis, Twin Flower - Photo by Erik W. L. Anderson

July 7th, 2004 - Report by Lorraine Anderson

We began the day planning to go to the bog on the Lima Grade road. Going up the Gunflint Trail was a treat. There were so many flowers on each side of the road. Smooth, yellow Hawkweed, Ox-eye daisies, Clover, Buttercup, and Highbush Cranberry. We turned left on the Lima Mountain Road and stopped just after the turn. We noticed what a beautiful woods it was so we got out and looked around. We saw: Bunchberry, Linnea, Wild Roses, Pale Vetchling, Gay Wings, Yarrow, Daisy Fleabane, Douglas Honeysuckle, Labrador Tea, Buttercup, Bush Honeysuckle, Columbine, Upright Bindweed, Rough Bedstraw. Actually we didn't see all of those at that first stop but as we continued on the road we drove a while (slowly) and stopped time and again and got out and looked. There were also many Blueberries with berries on them and if the moisture continues it looks like we will have a good year.

We then turned on the Lima Grade. It was too late. The beautiful flowers had already gone to seed. That is, Pale Laurel, Bog Rosemary, Leatherleaf etc. We, however did see a whole lot of Small Bog Cranberry which were J & B's favorites. J also especially enjoyed a small grass with "yellow wings". L's favorites were the Wild Roses and the Linnea.

We always have some discussions of the day and this week we were trying to find out which Honeysuckles we were seeing: Lonicera hirsuta, dioica or japonica. The other discussion was about Early Meadow Rue and Tall Meadow Rue.

Lunch at the Twin Lake Campground.

We went north on the Lima Grade, retracing our path until we came to new country where we saw several Northern Green Orchids, Calla Lillies, Three Leaved Soloman's Seal, Mertensia, Caraway, Blue Flag Iris, Pearly Everlasting, White Campion and Cow Parsnip.

We were all very happy with the day. Some folks say "there is nothing to do". Glad we don't have that problem.

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