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Scentless Chamomile by Erik W. L. Anderson

Chamomile  by Erik W. L. Anderson (photo taken July 28,2002 at Durfee Creek

Wildflowers July 31, 2002

Found blooming in Cook County, Minnesota by Lorraine Anderson (Be sure to check out the past reports linked at the right as well!)

The highway is beautiful with Bird's-foot Trefoil (yellow), Fireweed (lavender) and Daisies (white).
Last weekend we went to our cabin on McFarland Lake at the end of the Arrowhead Trail. We were pleased to see many Round-leafed (white) Pyrola in our "yard" and even more surprised to see many Pipsissewa at the campsite next door.
On Wednesday B wasn't with us. We ate at the Donut Shop (Home of the World's Best Donuts). After bringing M home we went to Cascade Park. We had heard the Purple Fringed Orchis were in bloom and we were very happy to see them. Thanks to the park attendant for giving us directions. It was raining then but not a lot. We then went up the Gunflint Trail to South Brule Road. Our records said that it was special at this time of year. I don't think so. It was nice but not special. Then we turned left on the Lima Grade and took a side trip to Bower Trout Lake. That was special. We went on a boardwalk over a rather large wet area and there were also some exciting plants on the shore of the lake. We saw Arrowhead, Bur-reeds, Pipewort, Smartweed, Eyebrite, lots of Rough Bedstraw, Cut-leaved Water-horehound and Agrimony. We ate at the Campground between E&W Twin Lake. As we were driving J pointed out Brule Mountain and a beautiful deer leaped out of our way.

What we saw this week:

Agrimony, Common - Agrimonia gryposepala
Arrowhead, Common - Sagittaria latifolia*

Aster ssp - one white one purple
Bedstraw, Rough - Galium asprellum*

Bellflower, Creeping - Campanula rapunculoides*

Black-eyed Susan - Rudbeckia serotina

Buckwheat, Climbing False - Polygonum scandens
Bur-reeds - Sparganium*

Butter & Eggs - Linaria vulgaris
Buttercup, Tall or Common - Ranunculus acris

Campion, White or Lychnis, Evening - Lychnis alba

Chamomile, Scentless - Matricaria maritima Lots of it!

Clover, Hop - Trifolium agratium
Clover, Pink, White & Lavender

Clover, Rabbitsfoot - Trifolium arvense

Clover, Sweet, Yellow, White & Purple
Daisy, Ox-eye - Chrysanthemum leucanthemum

Dock, Curled - Rumex crispus

Dogbane, Spreading - Apocynum androsaemifolium

Everlasting, Pearly - Anaphalis margaritacea*
Fireweed - Epilobium angustifolium*

Fleabane, Daisy - Erigeron annus

Gentian, Spurred - Halenia deflexa*
Goldenrod ssp.*

Heal-all - Prunella vulgaris

Jewelweed, Touch-me-not - Impatiens capensis*
Joe-Pye Weed, Spotted - Eupatorium maculatum

Lily, Water, white - Nymphaea odorata*

Meadowsweet - Spiraea
Mint, Wild - Mentha arvensis*
Monkey-flower - Mimulus alatus

Mullein, Common - Verbascum thapsus
Orchis, Northern Green (Bog) - Habenaria hyperborea

Orchis, Purple Fringed - Habenaria (Plantanthera) psycodes*

Parsnip, Cow - Heracleum maximum

Parsnip, Water*
Pineapple Weed - Matricaria matricarioides
Pink, Deptford - Dianthus deltoides

Pipewort, Common - Eriocaulon septangulare*
Pipsissewa - Chimaphila umbellata*
Primrose, Evening-Oenothera biennis

Pyrola, Lesser - Pyrola minor
Pyrola, Round-leaved - Pyrola rotundifolia
St. Johnswort, Common - Hypericum perforatum

Smartweed, Pale - Polygonum lapathifolium*
Sorrel, Sheep or Common - Rumex acetosella
Sorrel, Yellow Wood - Oxalis europaea
Tansy - Tanacetum vulgare
Thistle, Bull - Cirsium vulgare
Thistle, Canada - Cirsium arvense
Thistle, Field Sow - Sonchus arvensis
Trefoil, Birdsfoot - Lotus corniculatus

Valerian, Garden/Garden Heliotrope - Valeriana officinalis*

Vetch, Crown - Coronilla varia

Water-horehound, Cut-leaved - Lycopus americanus

Yarrow - Achillea millefolium


Last year they tried to kill all the St Johnswort, and did, but that didn't keep it from coming back. It is beautiful, but so invasive.

Blooming Trees and Shrubs:

Honeysuckle, Northern Bush - Diervilla lonicera

Honeysuckle Vine - Lonicera hirsuta

Ninebark - Physocarpus opulifolius


Berries we saw:
Blueberry, Dwarf Sweet - Vaccinium angustifolium*
Bunchberries - Cornus canadensis*
Dewberry - Rubus pubescens*

Dogwood, Red Osier - Cornus stolonifera*
Elderberry, Red-berried - Sambucus pubens*

Juneberry - Amelanchier*
Raspberry - Rubus idaeus*
Hazelnut - Corylus - winged nuts*
Sarsaparilla, Wild - Aralia nudicaulis*
Strawberry, Common - Fragaria virginiana*

Thimbleberry - Rubus parviflorus*

*New this week

ssp - subspecies

 You can view an entire list from last year by clicking here.    

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