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Wildflowers July 3, 2002

Found blooming in Cook County, Minnesota by Lorraine Anderson (Be sure to check out the past reports linked at the right as well!)

The most exciting thing of the day were the Pitcher Plants at Pit Lake. It was the biggest display we had ever seen there. We also enjoyed the Iris and Upright Bindweed. We began our discovery of Cinquefoils. By the end of the day we found so many I don't think we can identify them all. The roadsides are beautiful with Yellow & Orange Hawkweed and Ox-eye Daisy's. At Mink lake we saw the bright Yellow Coralroot but not as many as previous years. Also there were One flowered Wintergreen, Linnea, Spotted Coralroot, Bush Honeysuckle and Tall Meadow-rue. On The Grade we saw Birdsfoot Trefoil, Sharp-winged Monkey-flower, Wild Calla, and Heal-all. At Pit Lake, in addition to above, we saw Marsh Cinquefoil, Spreading Dogbane (which I believe will soon be listed as a noxious weed). Earlier in the week on Lake Superior we saw Alpine Bistort which is quite rare, Three-tooth Cinquefoil and Shrubby Cinquefoil. In a bog off the Ski Hill road Small Cranberry & Labrador Tea. We saw what we thought was a Dogwood blooming. We were sure it wasn't Red Osier but couldn't tell more because the caterpillars had eaten all the leaves.
The day was rather warm inland and the Cluster-flies and Tent Caterpillars are still a bother - mostly the flies. We ate at Cascade River Forest campsite in the car with the air conditioner running (I think that is a first).

Wild Blue Flag Iris by Lorraine A. Anderson

Blue Flag Iris  by Lorraine Anderson

Roads Traveled:
First to Trout Lake Road to see flowers on Mink Lake, then, Devil Track to Two Island to Trestle Pine to Pit Lake, turn around and back to Ball Club to The Grade to Bally Creek Rd.

What we saw this week:

Bedstraw, Northern - Galium boreale*

Bindweed, Upright - Convolvulus spithamaeus

Bistort, Alpine - Polygonum viviparum*
Bluebell, (Tall Lungwort) - Mertensia paniculata

Blue-eyed Grass - Sisyrinchium (mucronatum?)

Buckwheat, Climbing False - Polygonum scandens*
Bunchberry - Cornus canadensis
Buttercup, Tall or Common - Ranunculus acris

Calla, Wild or Water Arum - Calla palustris
Caraway - Carum carvi

Chickweed, Field - Cerastium arvense

Cinquefoil, Dwarf - Potentilla canadensis*
Cinquefoil, Marsh - Potentilla palustris*
Cinquefoil, Rough - Potentilla norvegica*
Cinquefoil, Rough-fruited - Potentilla recta*
Cinquefoil, Shrubby - Potentilla Fruticosa*
Cinquefoil, Three-toothed - Potentilla tridentata*
Clintonia (Blue-bead Lily) - Clintonia borealis
Clover, Pink and White
Clover, Yellow Sweet
Columbine (Honeysuckle - Aquilegia canadensis

Coralroot, Spotted - Corallorhiza maculata*
Coralroot, Yellow - Corallorhiza ochrokuca**
Cranberry, Small - Vaccinium oxycoccos*
Dandelion, Common - Taraxacum officinale
Daisy, Ox-eye - Chrysanthemum leucanthemum

Dogbane, Spreading - Apocynum androsaemifolium*
Fleabane, Daisy - Erigeron annuus*
Geranium, Wild - Geranium maculatum
Hawkweed, Orange - Hieracium aurantiacum
Hawkweed, Yellow - Hieracium scabrum

Heal-all - Prunella vulgaris
Iris, Larger Blue Flag - Iris versicolor*
Laurel, Pale (Bog) - Kalmia polifolia
Lily-of-the Valley. Wild - Maianthemum canadense
Lily, Small Yellow Pond - Nuphar microphyllum

Linnea, Twinflower - Linnea borealis 
Lupine, Garden - Lupinus polyphyllus

Meadow-rue, Tall - Thalictrum polygamum
Mertensia, (Bluebells) - Mertinsia paniculata
Monkey-flower, Sharp-winged - Mimulus alatus*

Parsnip, Cow - Heracleum maximum

Pea, Beach - Lathyrus japonicus

Pitcher-plant - Sarracenia purpurea
Polygala, Fringed - Polygala paucifolia
Pussytoes, Field - Antennaria neglecta
Rose, Wild - Rosa
Sarsaparilla, Wild or Smooth - Aralia nudicaulis
Sorrel, Sheep or Common - Rumex acetosella
Starflower - Trientalis borealis
Strawberry, Common - Fragaria virginiana
Trefoil, Birdsfoot - Lotus corniculatus

Twinflower - Linnea borealis 
Vetchling, Pale - Lathyrus ochroleucus
Vetch, Purple - Vica americana

Wintergreen, One-flowered - Moneses uniflora

Blooming Trees and Shrubs:

Ash, Mountain, American
Dogwood, Red-osier - Cornus stolonifera

Honeysuckle, Northern Bush - Diervilla lonicera*
Honeysuckle, Tartarian - Lonicera tatarica

Honeysuckle Bine - Lonicera hirsuta
Labrador Tea - Ledum groenlandicum
Maple, Moose or Mountain - Acer spicatuma
Thimbleberry - Rubus parviflorus


* New Flowers This Week

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