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Pink Lady Slipper by Erik W. L. Anderson

Wildflowers June 12, 2002

Found blooming in Cook County, Minnesota by Lorraine Anderson (Be sure to check out the past reports linked at the right as well!)

The big thrill this week was seeing MANY Pink moccasin-flowers. It was in a beautiful Jack Pine woods. There, also were many Starflowers, Labrador Tea, Wintergreen with red berries, bunchberries. After we had our fill of this woods we went to our favorite bog. the Bog Laurel was at it's peak (view Ken Hupila's photos of cotton grass and bog laurel). We also saw Leatherleaf, 3-leafed Solomon-seal, and the beginnings of Cotton Grass. There are so many blooming trees and special flowers. It is just perfect except for the bugs. This is the best time of the year for them too. There are SO many Tent Caterpillars up at Seagull lake, so many trees without leaves.

What we saw this week:

Baneberry, Red - Actaea rubra
Bellwort, Large-flowered - Uvularia grandiflora
Bluebell, (Tall Lungwort) - Mertensia paniculata
Blue-eyed Grass - Sisyrinchium
Buckbean, Bog - Minyanthes trifoliata
Bunchberry - Cornus canadensis
Buttercup, Tall or Common - Ranunculus acris
Calla, Wild or Water Arum - Calla palustris
Caraway - Carum carvi
Clematis, Purple (Rock) - Clematis verticillari
Clintonia (Blue-bead Lily) - Clintonia borealis
Columbine (Honeysuckle - Aquilegia canadensis
Corydalis, Pale or Pink - Corydalis sempervirens
Cranesbill, Carolina - Geranium maculatum
Cress, Comon Winter - Barbarea vulgaris
Cress, Lyre-leaved Rock - Arabis hirsuta
Dandelion, Common - Taraxacum officinale
Gaywings (Fringed Polygala) - Polygala paucifolia
Ginger, Wild - Asarum canadense
Goldthread - Coptis groenlandica
Jack-in-the-Pulpit - Arisaema atrorubens
Laurel, Pale (Bog) - Kalmia polifolia
Lily, Small Yellow Pond - Nuphar microphyllum
Marsh-marigold - Caltha palustris
Mertensia, (Bluebells) - Mertinsia paniculata
Miterwort, Naked - Mitella nuda
Polygala, Fringed - Polygala paucifolia
Primrose, Bird's-eye - Primula mistassinica
Pussytoes, Field - Antennaria neglecta
Sarsaparilla, Wild or Smooth - Aralia nudicaulis
Silverweed - Potentilla anserina
Solomon's-Seal, Three-leaved - Smilacina trifolia
Starflower - Trientalis borealis
Strawberry, Barren - Waldsteinia fragaarioides
Strawberry, Common - Fragaria virginiana such a lot!
Sweet Cicely - Osmorhiza claytoni
Trefoil, Birdsfoot - Lotus corniculatus
Trillium, Nodding - Trillium cernuum
Twisted-stalk or White mandarin - Streptopus amplexifolius
Vetchling, Pale - Lathyrus ochroleucus
Vetch, Purple - Vica americana
Violets - purple, yellow & white
Wintergreen - Gaultheria procumbens ( red berries not flowers)

Blooming Trees and Shrubs
Blackberry, Common - Rubus allegheniensis
Blueberry - Vaccinium angustifolium
Cherry, Pin - Prunus pennsylvanica
Chokecherry - Prunus virginiana
Currant Bristly - Ribes lacustre
Currant, Skunk - Ribes glandulosum
Dogwood, Red-osier - Cornus stolonifera
Gooseberry - Honeysuckle, American Fly - Lonicera canadensis
Labrador Tea - Ledum groenlandicum
Leatherleaf - Chamaedaphne calyculata
Juneberry - Amelanchier

 You can view an entire list from last year by clicking here.   

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