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Spring Beauty by Lorraine Anderson

Spring Beauty, Photo by Lorraine Anderson

Wildflowers May 29, 2002

Found blooming in Cook County, Minnesota by Lorraine Anderson (Be sure to check out the past reports linked at the right as well!)

What a beautiful day.  It seems as though spring has finally come, in fact today seemed more like summer.  We began our day, after coffee and doughnuts, by going down to Lake Superior shore and seeing the small alpine plant, Bird's-eye Primrose.  In one of our books it is also called Dwarf Canadian Primrose but we are use to the first name.  There are also Butterwort plants down there.  We will have to wait until later to see them bloom.

After that we went out the Cramer Rd. #1, then to the Two IslandDutchman's Breeches by Lorraine Anderson Road, where, in this maple woods we found lots of goodies, including Trout Lilies and Early Sweet Coltsfoot.  Most of the things we saw last week were also in a maple woods.  We had our yearly discussion, seeing only the leaves.  "Are they Bellwort, Twisted Stalk, or Solomon Seal."  Each year we are sure it is one or the other of these and forget to come back and check when they are blooming.  Last year we called them Solomon's Seal and now this year we are sure they are one of the Bellworts.  That's part of the fun!!

We had our lunch in Temperance River Campground, where to our surprise we found Bird's-eye Primrose among the rocks on the shore.

Earlier in the week we went to Oberg Mountain.  It too, was a beautiful day and we saw Dutchman's-breeches, Spring Beauty and Early Saxifrage.  Also other people interested in identifying flowers and birds.

What we saw today:

 Alyssum - Berteroa Similar to Hoary Allyssum but not quite

Anemone, Wood - Anemone quinquefolia

Arbutus, Trailing - Epigaea repens

Bloodroot - Sanguinaria canadensis

Dandelion, Common - Taraxacum officinale

Dutchman's-breeches - Dicentra cucullaria

Lily, Trout, Adder's-tongue - Erythronium americanum

Marsh-marigold - Caltha palustris

Primrose, Bird's-eye - Primula mistassinica

Pussytoes, Field - Antennaria neglecta

Saxifrage, Early - Saxifraga virginiensis

Spring-beauty - Claytonia caroliniana

Strawberry, Common - Fragaria virginiana

Trillium, Nodding - Trillium cernuum - just beginning to bloom

Blooming Trees and Shrubs

Gooseberry - Ribes

Maple, Red - Acer rubram  the whole tree is full of tiny red flowers

Maple, Sugar - Acer saccharum  the whole tree is full of drooping yellow flowers

 You can view an entire list from last year by clicking here.   

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