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Harebell by Erik W. L. Anderson

Wildflowers August 15, 2001

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Found blooming in Cook County by Lorraine Anderson - (Be sure to check out the past reports linked at the right as well!)

The "Flower of the day"  was Closed Gentian.  We saw them on the Lima Grade Rd.  Probably, other than seeing them, it was exciting to see how the bees opened the closed flowers just enough to crawl in.  They went in so far that you couldn't see them.  It rained early in the day and was cloudy and foggy while we had coffee, but when we were looking at flowers it was beautiful, and now, Wednesday evening it is raining again.  It seems that we are particularly lucky with good weather.  We had lunch at the picnic table on the Trail at Swamper Lake.


Where we went:

We first went down to the Harbor and went out on the Breakwall.  Then we went up the Trail to the Lima Mountain Road, then North, or right, on the Lima Grade Road.


What we saw:

Alyssum, Hoary - Berteroa incana*

Aster - white and purple - many different kinds

Bedstraw, Rough - Galium asprellum*
Bellflower, Creeping - Campanula rapunculoides
Black-eyed Susan - Rudbeckia serotina

Buckwheat, Climbing False - Polygonum scanclens
Butter-and-eggs - Linaria vulgaris

Buttercup - Ranunculus acris

Chamomile, Scentless - Matricaria maritima *

Campion or Lychnis, Evening - Lychnis alba.

Chickweed, Mouse-ear - Cerastium vulgatum *

Cinquefoil, Rough - Potentilla norvegica

Cinquefoil, Shrubby - Potentilla fruticosa
Clover, Hop - Trifolium agratium
Clover, Rabbitsfoot - Trifolium arvense
Clover, Red & White ssp.
Clover, Sweet - Yellow & White  ssp.
Common Sow Thistle - Sonchus oleraceus
Daisy , Ox-eye- Chrysanthemum leucanthemum 

Everlasting, Pearly - Anaphalis margaritacea 

Eyebrite - Euphrasia americana
Fireweed - Epilobium angustifolium

Fleabane, Daisy - Erigeron annuus

Gentian, Closed or Bottle - Gentiana clausa"

Goldenrod - Solidago ssp

Goldenrod Bog - Solidago purshii*

Goldenrod, Canada - Solidago canadensis
Harebell - Campanula rotundifolia - both blue and white*
Hawkweed , Orange- Hieracium aurantiacum

Hawkweed, Yellow, Common - Hieracium vulgatum
Heal-all - Prunella vulgaris

Herb Robert - Geranium robertianum *
Jewelweed or Spotted Touch-me-not - Impatiens capensis
Joe Pye Weed ssp

Lettuce, White - Prenanthes alba 

Lobelia, Brook or Kalm's - Lobelia Kalmii
Mayweed - Anthemis cotula all along we called it Mayweed but on closer examination we feel it is - Scentless Chamomile

Meadowsweet - Spiarea latifolia

Nettle, Hemp - Galeopsis tetrahit*

Pea, Beach - Lathyrus japonicus
Pineapple Weed - Matricaria matricaarioides

Pink, Deptford - Dianthus deltoides
Primrose, Common Evening - Oenothera biennis

Rattlesnake Root - Prenanthes trifoliata.
Spurrey, Sand - Spergularia rubra
Tansy, Common - Lilium tigrinum

Thistle, Bull - Cirsium vulgare
Thistle, Canada - Cirsium arvense

Thistle, Sow, Common - Sonchus oleraceus
Trefoil, Birdfoot - Lotus corniculatus
Vetch , Purple- Vicia americana

Water Lillies - Nymphaea ssp.*
Yarrow - Achillea lanulosa


*new this week

ssp - sub-species

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