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Marsh Marigolds, photo by Lorraine Anderson

Wildflowers June 13, 2001

Found blooming in Cook County by Lorraine Anderson - (Be sure to check out the past reports linked at the right as well!)


Where we went:
Up the Gunflint Trail to the Lima Mountain Road, turned left on Lima Grade to see the Bog then turned around and went up to the Trail then to Leo lake and up to Seagull Lake. It was a rainy, buggy day but that didn't deter us. I believe we stayed out longer than ever. It was such fun!

Flowers we saw blooming:
Purple, Rock Clematis - Clematis verticillaris
Silverweed - Potentilla anserina
False Solomon Seal - Smilacina racemosa
Blue-eyed Grass - Sisyrinchium *
Bunchberry - Cornus canadensis
Winter Cress - Mustard - Barbera vulgaris
Wild Lily-of-the-Valley - Maianthemum canadense
Gay Wings, Fringed Polygala - Polygala paucifolia (Saw more of this than ever before)
Clintonia - Clintonia borealis
Pussytoes, Field - Antennaria neglecta
Pale Vetchling - Lathyrus ochroleucus
Buttercup, Common - Ranunculus acris
Wild Rose *
Wood Anemone - Anemone quinquefolia
Marsh Marigold, Cowslip - Caltha palustris
Baneberry - Actaea rubra
Starflower - Trientalis borealis
Wild Sarsaparilla - Aralia nudicaulis
Strawberry, Common - Fragaria virginiana
Columbine (Honeysuckle ) - Aquilegia canadensis
Mertensia - Tall Lungwort - Bluebells - Mertensia paniculata
Three-leaved Solomon's Seal - Smilacina trifolia
Cotton Grass
Calla, Wild or Water Arum - Calla palustris *
Buckbean - Menyanthes trifoliata
Barren Strawberry - Waldsteinia fragarioides
Glaucous Honeysuckle (Vine) - Lonicera dioica *
Naked Miterwort - Mitella nuda
Moccasin-flower, Pink Lady's-slipper - Cypripedium acaule (Saw lots)
Round-Leaved Orchis - Habenaria orbiculata
Hawkweed, Yellow - Hieracium scabrum
Hawkweed, Orange - Hieracium aurantiacum
Upright Bindweed - Convolvulus spithamaeus (What a pretty stand on a hill on the Gunflint Trail)
Lychnis, Evening - Lychnis alba *
Birdsfoot Trefoil - Lotus corniculatus *
Small Cranberry - Vaccinium oxycoccus *
Linnea, Twinflower - Linnaea borealis *
Lupine - Lupinus polyphylus *
Forget-me-not - Menyanthes trifoliata
Lesser Pyrola - Pyrola minor *
Smooth Rock Cress - Arabis hirsuta *
Purple Vetch - Vica americana *

These are the trees and shrubs we saw blooming:
Chokecherry - Prunus virginiana
Labrador Tea - Ledum greenlandicum (It was especially beautiful today and lots of it)
Bog Rosemary - Andromeda glaucophylia
Bog Laurel or Pale Laurel - Kalmia polifolia
Thimbleberry - Rubus parviflorus
Juneberry - Amelanchier spp
Red Berried Elder - Sambucus pubens
Blueberry - Vaccinium angustifolium
Mountain Ash, American - Sorbus americana *
Moose Maple or Mountain Maple - Acer spicatum *

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