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Spring at Swamper Lake, mid Gunflint Trail

Swamper Lake 4/30/01 by Erik W. L. Anderson

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Wildflowers May 2, 2001

Found blooming in Cook County by Lorraine Anderson -

Last week when we looked through the woods there was barely any green showing except for moss. Today was very exciting. With the warm weather all sorts of things were popping up on the forest floor. It was fun recognizing the new leaves of old friends. Also in this one week most of the lakes were free or almost free of ice. We had a picnic at Swamper Lake and there was just some small chunks of ice in a bay. We are three women who have gotten together every Wednesday for 19 years to roam the county in search of new wildflowers and revisiting old friends.

The First Wildflowers we saw this year:

Bloodroot - Sanguinaria canadensis

Trailing Arbutus - Epigaea repens

The First Blooming Shrub:

Hazelnut - Corylus  both the short male (staminate) (catkins) flowers and the very tiny red female (pistillate) flowers  


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May 9, 2001

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