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Wildflowers of the Boundary Waters  



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 Wildflowers of the Northwoods and BWCA

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Canadian Thistle - Photo by Erik W. L. Anderson

Canada Thistle Cirsium arvense. (aka Californian thistle, Canadian thistle, creeping thistle, field thistle, corn thistle, and perennial thistle)  Height: 4 feet Flower size: 1/2 inch Flower color: white to pink Origin:  Eurasia - considered invasive


Wednesday, August 30th, 2000 - Report by Lorraine Anderson

Roads traveled: Hwy. 61 to Pigeon Point boat landing (on the Canadian border) then to Hovland boat landing.

Flowers seen:
tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)
pearly everlasting
birdsfoot trefoil
ox-eye daisy
rabbits-foot clover
common sow thistle (Sonchus asper)
orange hawkweed
climbing false buckwheat (Polygonum scandens)
goldenrod (Solidago)
Aster, purple & white (Aster punicceus)
Canada thistle
sweet clover: yellow, white
panicled hawkweed
spotted knapweed
clover: red, white
Evening Primrose
bull thistle
rough cinquefoil (Potentilla norvegica)
jewelweed (touch-me-not)
common burdock (Arctium lappa)
daisy fleabane (Erigeron strigosus)
lesser stitchwort (Stellaria graminea)
pineapple weed
bur-marigold (Bidens)
arrow-leaved tearthumb (Polygonum sagittatum)
butter & eggs (Linaria vulgaris)

Even though they were almost done blooming we spent quite a bit of time identifying and tearing apart wilted blossoms of "campion"
We found that the ones that we were looking at with the larger bladders were Evening lychnis (Lychnis alba), the ones with the smaller bladders were Night flowering catchfly (Silene noctiflora).  We have had this discussion before and the books tell them apart by
the number of styles, but we find them hard to count. Well, next year we can go over this again!

Last week I mentioned that the fall color on the shore was later than the maples inland - well we saw a lot of golden birch and aspen on the shore today.  Some of that may be due to the dry weather we have been having.  Hiking the Superior Hiking trail on Monday we saw a (one) maple in full fall color.  It was beautiful.

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