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Let us help plan a great Boundary Waters vacation for you. Please fill in as much information as you can so we can suggest an expedition that's right for you.

Area of Travel

Although the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Quetico Provincial Park straddle the US/Canadian border, they are distinct. We can advise you on the area best suited to your interests.

Which areas do you think you'd like to travel through?
Quetico Park

Number of People in your Party

The maximum number of persons that can travel together is nine. We suggest keeping your group to no more than six. If you're going to bring young children, we suggest having at least one adult per young child.

How many adults are in your group?

Age category of adults:
18 to 34
35 to 55
56 to 64
65 and up

If you travel with children, you already know that they see the world differently than you do. Their attention span is shorter and they have less endurance. We've been voyaging with our children since they were babies. We have special routes and activities that give children an enjoyable (and educational) wilderness experience.

How many kids under 16?

When will your expedition begin?

You'll have more space to yourself if you start during the middle of the week. Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day are the busiest times.

When would you like to start your expedition?

How many days do you have to enjoy the Boundary Waters and Quetico?

Although you can enjoy the BWCAW or Quetico during a day trip; sunsets, campfires, and coffee perking in the morning are among the great experiences of an expedition. We suggest allowing a minimum of three days and two nights. Most of our guests spend four or five days exploring the Boundary Waters.

How many days would you like your expedition to last:

Your interests?

Throughout all the years that we've been enjoying the Boundary Waters, we've found routes that satisfy any interest. Just tell us what interests you and we'll show you how to get where you want to be.

What interests you during an expedition?
Nature Study
Other (specify)

How challenging do you want your expedition to be?

Plan to make your expedition fun. No one's going to be proud of you for covering 15 miles in a day when eight is more reasonable. If you have a route in mind, remember to add up the water distance plus three times the portage distance. Not many of us can carry our canoe and gear in just one trip across a portage. You'll have to come back empty-handed to pick up the rest of your equipment.

Two miles an hour is a good estimate for your overall paddling speed. Remember to think about staying close to your take-out point on your last night in the Boundary Waters.

How challenging do you want your expedition to be:

Do you want to change campsites:
Every day
Every few days

Your experience level?

Have you done canoe camping before?

Have your ever been in the Boundary Waters before?

Will you be bringing any of your own camping equipment or canoes?
If yes, please specify


Contact Information:

Apt. No.:
ZIP/postal code:

Do you have any additional questions and/or comments?

Can you suggest anyone else who shares your interest in the Boundary Waters?

Apt. No.:
ZIP/postal code:

 Voyageur North Outfitters, Ely, Minnesota. Call us at 800/848-5530.