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Protect Roadless Areas
Friends of the Boundary Waters, 3/28/01

The Roadless Conservation Initiative, a plan drawn up by the Forest Service to protect nearly 58.5 million acres of the last untouched areas in our national forests, should have taken effect on March 13, 2001.  In Minnesota, the plan would have given protection to 62,000 acres of the Superior National Forest, of which approximately 50,000 acres lie adjacent to the Boundary Waters Wilderness.  Instead, the plan has encountered numerous obstacles under the Bush Administration.  Upon taking office, the Bush administration delayed the effective date until May 12, 2001. There have been threats to overturn the Roadless Initiative by a vote of the U.S. Congress. Now the administration is refusing to fight a legal challenge against the initiative brought by timber-giant Boise Cascade and the state of Idaho.

The Roadless Initiative was the fruit of more than 600 public hearings. Approximately 95 percent of the 1.6 million people who commented expressed their support for the plan.   In Minnesota (the 18th most-responsive state), over 23,000 people submitted comments to the Forest Service, with the overwhelming majority in favor of the plan.  To overturn the roadless rule would be a blatant disregard of all those comments.

Urge your representative to oppose efforts to undermine this historic conservation plan!  It is especially important that residents of Northern Minnesota contact Senator Mark Dayton.

Senator Dayton can be reached by contacting:

Sen. Mark Dayton
SR-346, Russell Senate Bldg
Washington, DC. 20510
ph. (202) 224-3244
fax (202) 228-2186

For addresses of other Representatives, please visit
For addresses of other Senators, please visit



The bill that would bring responsible use of off-highway vehicles (OHVs) to Minnesotašs public lands is being heard in the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Policy Committee this week!   

MnUsa and ATVAM are mounting a massive campaign to kill this sensible legislation, and the bill will not pass unless you call or e-mail the Minnesota Senators listed below.

Tell these Senators to support SENATE FILE 1381 - TO RESTRICT OHVs ON

All phone numbers listed have the 651 area code.

Chair: Jane Krentz -296-7061

Vice Chair: David J. Tomassoni -296-8017

Ranking Minority Member: Pat Pariseau - 296-5252

Ellen R. Anderson ­ 296-5537

Charles A. Berg - 296-5094

Steve Dille - 296-4131

Dennis R. Frederickson - 296-8138

Linda I.Higgins - 296-9246  

Anthony G. "Tony" Kinkel - 296-4913

David L. Knutson ­ 296-4120

Bob Lessard - 296-4136

Gen Olson - 296-1282

Lawrence J. Pogemiller - 296-7809

Leonard R. Price - 297-8060

Twyla Ring - 296-5419

Dan Stevens - 296-8075

LeRoy A. Stumpf  - 296-8660

Jim Vickerman - 296-5650

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