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Boundary Waters named by USA Today as one of the Top Ten Places to Extend the Summer
Protect Kids and the Land from All Terrain Vehicles
The Wilderness Society 12/6/2002

Damage to the land from the unmanaged use of all-terrain
vehicles, better known as ATVs or four wheelers, is
well known and well documented. These vehicles threaten
the integrity of wild lands, pollute the air and water,
and harm wildlife. Less well known is the danger they
pose to those who ride them, especially young people.

ATVs kill and injure a growing number of Americans,
including a disproportionate number of children under
the age of 16, every year. Almost all these children-95
percent-are hurt while riding large ATVs that the industry
maintains are sold only for adults. The problem has
steadily worsened while the ATV industry has been left
to take a voluntary approach to safety. We need your
help to improve ATV safety and to make the industry,
those who make ATVs and those who sell them, accountable
for that safety.

Please contact the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
(CPSC) today to urge it to issue a regulation to prohibit
the sale of adult-size ATVs for use by children under
age 16.


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