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Boundary Waters named by USA Today as one of the Top Ten Places to Extend the Summer


Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, July 28, 2001

U.S. Senator Mark Dayton (D-Minn.) joined a lawsuit to overturn the protection of 58 million acres of national forest.  Former President Bill Clinton signed the rule, the Roadless Conservation Initiative, in January 2001.  Please call Senator Dayton today to express your opposition to this decision.

Dayton filed a friend-of-the-court brief with a federal appeals court that is reviewing the legality of the rule.  U.S. Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho), who is one of the rulešs most strident opponents, joins Dayton in the effort.

Dayton claims that the measure "puts in jeopardy the health of our forestsŠand has serious impacts on our wood products industry and on the jobs of people throughout northern Minnesota."

The Friends opposes Daytonšs action and disputes his assertion.

1.)  The roadless initiative affects only 62,000 acres, or 2 percent, of the 2.8 million acres of national forest in Minnesota

2.)  The roadless policy affects only 0.0016 percent of the state's total timber harvest.

3.)  Due to increased use of laborsaving technologies, cutting in roadless areas would not necessarily translate into maintaining or creating more jobs.

We strongly urge you to call Senator Dayton's office and register your opposition to his decision.  Remind him that nearly 23,000 Minnesotans commented in favor of roadless conservation policy and that the economic impact of the roadless rule in Minnesota is minimal.  When you call, please give your name and address.  You may reach him at the following office numbers:

Washington, D.C. ­ (202) 224-3244
Fort Snelling, MN - (612) 727-5220
Thief River Falls, MN - (218) 681-2166

For more information contact:
Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness
401 North 3rd Street, Suite 290
Minneapolis, MN  55401

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