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Boundary Waters named by USA Today as one of the Top Ten Places to Extend the Summer


Friends of the BWCA 8/27/02


Friendsí members and allies are urged to call Republican U.S. Senate candidate Norm Coleman TODAY to oppose his plan to bring logging and snowmobiles to the BWCAW.

At a July 30 press conference in St. Paul, Coleman expressed support for harvesting the trees felled in the 1999 blowdown and introducing snowmobiles to the BWCAW. Legislation creating the BWCAW prohibits logging and snowmobiles in the area. He retreated from earlier comments supporting an increase in motor boats in the wilderness.

Colemanís remarks illustrate his ignorance of the area and the opinions of most Minnesotans. The BWCAW is a protected area which is relished for its silence and beauty. Allowing logging and snowmobiles in the wilderness threatens wildlife and detracts from visitorsí experiences.

You are urged to contact Coleman today and tell him that you oppose his vision for the Boundary Waters. Tell him that a wilderness area is managed differently than other public lands and that you want to keep the BWCAW free of logging and snowmobiles.

Coleman can be reached at his St. Paul campaign headquarters at (651) 645-0766 or For more information, visit


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