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Boundary Waters named by USA Today as one of the Top Ten Places to Extend the Summer


Of Minnesota’s 24 major-party candidates seeking U.S. Senate and House seats this year, all eleven who returned the Friends’ survey oppose logging, snowmobiles and more motor boats in the BWCAW.

The Friends released the survey results of its 2002 Congressional candidate survey today. U.S. Senate candidate Norm Coleman, who earlier backed more motor boats in the BWCAW, confirmed his opposition to logging, snowmobiling, and more motor boats in the wilderness. His three challengers also oppose such activity in the area. Coleman did, however, clarify that he supports the removal of trees felled in the 1999 blowdown.

The survey also queried candidates about their position on logging of roadless areas in national forests, oil and gas drilling in the Arctic, and a federal purchase of state-owned lands in the BWCAW. For a complete list of questions and responses, open the attached document or visit the Friends’ website at

Meanwhile, if you are a resident of Minnesota and not registered to vote Nov. 5, or have changed addresses since last voting, contact the Friends to have a voter registration form mailed to you. While same-day registration is allowed in Minnesota, it is more convenient to register in advance. Contact Sean Wherley at (612) 332-6630 or to have a voter registration form mailed to you today!

Of course, every ten years polling locations change because of the redrawing of legislative district lines. If you are a Minnesota resident, you may find your polling place by visiting the Minnesota Secretary of State website at

Finally, if you care about the BWCAW and the environment in general, you are encouraged to learn more about the voting records of your elected officials. To view the votes of your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative, visit the League of Conservation Voters' scorecard at For the voting record of Minnesota state legislators, visit the Minnesota League of Conservation Voters' scorecard at

In an independent survey, surveyed candidates and received the following responses:

Ed McGaa, Green Party Candidate:

Do you plan to fight for reopening the BWCA to motors?


What is your stance on snowmobiling in the BWCA?

I would like to see it restricted to only designated areas and paths so
that animals will not be chased down or endangered.

In the past some have pushed to have the area be brought under state control. What are your opinions on this?

I usually favor states' rights and control (decentralization) to the
nebulous regulations of the federal government. In this instance, I
want oversight of this Minnesota treasure to be in the hands of those
who will do the most to protect it from any potential destruction or
whims of short-sighted special interests. I need to look into the
particulars of this more. With so few truly pristine and
off-the-beaten-track areas remaining, I would stand firm on keeping this place protected. My vision involves leaving it as undisturbed as

I understand that you [Norm Coleman] had supported logging in the BWCA to clean up the blowdown. Now that it has been several years later and wood probably has lost much of its value, do you still think the area should be logged?


Have you ever been on a Boundary Waters canoe trip?

Several times and I have had a canoe ever since attending St. Johns
University way back in time. I often have my canoe in parades with my political signs on it. I have canoed more in the Rainy Lake areas,
however, as my college roommate is an avid walleye fisherman there and knows the lakes well.

Jim Moore, Independence Party Senate Candidate:

I will never support opening the BWCA to motors

I will not support snowmobiling in the BWCA

I would keep the BWCA under federal control. The forest service appears to be handling this well.

I do not support logging the blow down. Two years later the logs are likely to be in poor condition anyway.

Unfortunately, I have not taken a canoe trip in the BWCA although my dad, may uncle, my wife’s dad and grandfather did so extensively in the 60’s and 70’s. When my small children are older, I intend to make annual pilgrimages to the BWCA.

I firmly believe that we must treasure pristine areas such as the BWCA and keep them that way for generations to come.

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