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Boundary Waters named by USA Today as one of the Top Ten Places to Extend the Summer


Three Superior National Forest employees received a Department of Agriculture Award for Superior Service on June 4, 2001 in a ceremony in Washington D.C.  Bill Clayton (Crew Leader), Jenny Dahl, and Ryan Byerly, Forest Archaeological Technicians, were nominated for their heroic efforts that saved three people from drowning on Ensign Lake last year.

The three archaeological technicians had decided to remain in camp until weather conditions improved when Dahl noticed a canoe being tossed on the lake.  The crew observed the canoe roll over several times and three people
being thrown into the water.  After discussing their options, they called the Kawishiwi Ranger District in Ely by radio and told them that they weregoing to attempt a rescue.  Dahl kept in radio contact with Forest Dispatch and the Forest Service Beaver aircraft while Byerly and Clayton paddled in turbulent waters into the wind.  They made several passes at the people in the water before getting them attached to the canoe.  The fourteen year-old
boy and the adult suffering from the most obvious symptoms of hypothermia were hauled into the canoe.  Dahl had gathered dry clothing and walked
through waist-high water to have a pack of dry clothing and sleeping bags on the east end of the lake where the crew and victims had come ashore.  The three people were in dry clothing by the time the Forest Service Beaver
aircraft arrived.

"They took a calculated risk and put themselves in considerable jeopardy to help others in a desperate situation.  There is no doubt that they saved lives by their actions," said their supervisor, Walt Okstad.  "We should
reasonably expect employees to assist the public when necessary; however, they acted above and beyond, swiftly, and with professionalism and courage."

The three archaeological technicians were also awarded the Regional Forester's Honor Award in the category of rescue and heroism.

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