News Release, Nov. 21, 2000
Superior National Forest
LaCroix Ranger District
320 North Highway 53
Cook, MN  55723

Contacts:  Jim Thompson or Carol Booth
Phone:  218-666-0020

Forest Service Announces Decision on Little East Creek

In  an  effort  to  reduce  the  fire  risk  created  by the July 4th, 1999 windstorm,  LaCroix  District  Ranger,  Constance Chaney, has approved fuel reduction  activities  for 2847 acres of federal land and use of up to 11.8 miles  of  winter  roads  and  private trails on federal land.

Special-use permits  will  be  issued  to the State of Minnesota, St. Louis County, and private  individuals for access across federal land to their lands to treat
storm-damaged   areas,  harvest  mature  trees,  and  for  general  use by landowners.

The  decision  was  based  on extensive public involvement and coordination with  other  agencies.   Through  this  process,  the  US Fish and Wildlife Service  determined  that  the action would not jeopardize the Canada
Lynx.  To  further  minimize  effects on the Canada Lynx, the winter roads in this area will continue to be closed to unauthorized public use.

Due to the urgent need to implement fuel reduction activities, the Superior National  Forest  has  received  permission  from  the  Chief of the Forest Service  to  begin  implementation  of  fuel  reduction work after 30

Other  activities  would  be  implemented  after  completion  of the normal administrative appeals process.

If you would like more information or a copy of the Record of Decision and Final Environmental Impact Statement, please contact Jim Thompson at (218)666-0020 or LaCroix Ranger District, 320 North Highway 53, Cook, MN
55723.  This information will also be posted on the Superior National Forest Web site:

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