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 Trip Stories - Pushing to Blackstone, Pierre Girard


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However, before we start fishing - as soon as his canoe gets to shore, Bill has to go. He asks where is the best place. Rudolf indicates 180 degrees of woods and says, "Maybe over there." Bill grabs some toilet paper and heads out. As the rest of us are fishing, building a fire, and setting up tents, we hear a weak cry from the woods. We ignore it. It becomes more shrill and forlorn. We start to wonder what Bill ate for supper. "Some folks get mighty impacted." Jar observes. After about ten minutes of this yowling, our curiosity is aroused.

We head into the woods. Some ways back we locate Bill. He is in the crotch of a tree - the only tree for miles with a branch low enough to reach - holding his toilet paper in one hand and his Ka- bar knife in the other. His eyes are big as saucers. We all clap! Bill has found his moose!

Below the tree is a large cow moose. Standing off a ways is her calf. We yell at the moose. Some return to camp for tin pans and kettles to bang at her. We are careful not to get too close. She easy goes half a ton. She is having none of it and stays glued to the trunk of Bill's tree. We finally give up making noise and assure Bill she will tire of it in a day or two. We make our way back to camp - happy in the fact that Bill's trip is complete.

Pierre Girard Copyright 2004


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