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2001 Prescribed Burns

No tentative date has been set for future prescribed burning on the Forest.  Scheduling of additional prescribed burning this fall will depend on several days of drying weather along with a day of conditions within the parameters of the burn "prescription". New updates will not be posted until there is a tentative date set for any additional burns.

October 7 Meditation Site (58 acres) Magnetic Rock Test Burn (20 acres)
September 30 Fuel Treatment Unit 201 - (313 acres inside the BWCA)
September 29

Griddle Lake - Ely (280 acres)

September 28 Skipper Lake (192 acres)

North Basswood Lake - Quetico (863 acres)

September 26 Trapper Lake (5 acres)

Iron Mash (109 acres)

September 5, 26, 27 Mayhew Lake (15 acres)
June 24 Isabella, Section 19/20 Twp. 60N Rge. 60W
June 22 (Postponed) Loon Lake Peninsula
June 8 Poplar Lake, 58 Acres

Greenstone Lake, 20 Acres

June 7 Sawbill Landing, TWP 60N, Range 7W, Sec 19, next to the Dumbell River Road Forest #174, 28 Acres
May 31 Moose Pond area next to Round Lake Road
May 19 King's Road, Twp. 65 N., Rge. 4
W., Sec. 25 & 26, and Twp. 66 N., Rge. 3 W., Section 30,
300 Acres

Round Lake Road

May 18 Near Golden Eagle Lodge on Flour Lake, (Twp. 64 N., Rge. 1 W., Section 1), 30 Acres
May 17 Moose Pond and
County Road 47 (Round Lake Road), 5 Acres
May 16 Moose Pond Prescribed Prep Burn, Round Lake Road, off the Gunflint Trail, 15 Acres
May 15 South side of Seagull Lake, at the very end of the
Seagull Lake Road
April 27 Durfee Creek Area
For more information, please call the Forest Service at 218-387-1750

Prescribed Burn Gallery Fall 2001 Burn Priorities
Fall Burn Map Watching the Burn Window