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 Boundary Waters Photography by Kevin Birznieks


Tuscarora Lake Rocks by Kevin Birznieks



Lynn Rogers has spent over four decades of his adult life in the forests of northern Minnesota researching the ways of animals. A world renowned scientist, Rogers has developed research methods for gaining the trust of bears and other animals. He relies on that same trust to photograph tender and intimate behaviors that few have witnessed in the wild. His pictures go beyond the posed portraits and computer creations that are common in wildlife photography today. Viewers say the sensitivity and spiritual nature of Rogers' photographic art stop them dead in their tracks.

Rogers' pictures have been published by National
Geographic, National Wildlife Magazine, and a host of magazines and books around the world and were used by museums to show animals in their native environment. The Smithsonian Institute recently selected one of Rogers' pictures for the cover of their prestigious book "The Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals" and used other of his pictures as standards to represent our mammals. "Lynn's action photos of leaping game fish and wild animals are the best around," said Field and Stream photo editor Victor Closi after Closi won the coveted "Magazine Cover of the Year" award with one of Rogers' leaping fish photos. Rogers' award-winning photos are cited by many as the world's best collection of Minnesota wildlife and a heritage of the people of Minnesota.

Lynn is currently working with the North American Bear Center and the Wildlife Research Institute.

All images are copyrighted and Used w/ Permission

Kevin Birznieks Photography

PF-021_violet_wood_sorrel.jpg (29113 bytes)FC-011 red maple leaf on sand.jpg (35881 bytes)FF-026_showy_ladys_slipper.jpg (20310 bytes)BWCA-002_crooked_lake_canoe_overexposed.jpg (32909 bytes)

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