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Boundary Waters named by USA Today as one of the Top Ten Places to Extend the Summer

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Truck Campers: The Most Versatile RV

     Because of its versatility and mobility, the truck camper is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. It turns the family pickup or work truck into a motorhome in the time it takes to back under the camper and lower it onto the truck's bed. Another advantage of owning a truck camper, rather than a towable RV, is it allows campers to pull a trailer. Whether trailering a boat, snowmobiles or hauling a load of wood, truck campers give RV enthusiasts the versatility to enjoy their interests.

     Building a habitable dwelling onto an existing truck body is not a new idea. In the 1930's, during the depths of the depression, John Steinbeck first surveyed the American Dream in what he later wrote about as, " old converted bakery wagon, double-doored rattler with a mattress on the floor."

     Before Steinbeck, in 1916, General John J. Pershing chased the infamous Poncho Villa into Mexico aboard a Packard "war truck" complete with cots and a cooking stove. In 1922, Henry Ford himself owned a Lincoln truck converted into a camper complete with a refrigerator. Ford was one of the first avid RV campers and his entourage of self-proclaimed "vagabonds" often included names such as Harvey Firestone, Thomas A. Edison and President Warren G. Harding. The first manufactured truck campers were produced in the 1950's. These campers were top-heavy and the weight of the materials needed to build the campers pushed load limits beyond suggested ratings.

     Today's state-of-the-art truck campers have all the conveniences of home in a variety of configurations. Modern truck campers are engineered to enhance the camping experience in a more luxurious fashion. New truck campers are more like a motorhome with spacious interiors and more features such as double stainless steel sinks, large double bed, hot water, shower, toilet and sink.

     Because of its low cost and incredible versatility, the truck camper is the perfect recreational vehicle for the first-time buyer who owns a pickup.


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