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Boundary Waters named by USA Today as one of the Top Ten Places to Extend the Summer

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Traveling Tips For The RV Enthusiast

     It's vacation time and if you own an RV, it's time to travel. Before any departure, take the time to run through this list.

Departure Checklist
  • Disconnect and store electrical, water, and sewer lines.
  • Close holding-tank valve.
  • Secure LP-gas bottles and turn off gas.
  • Turn off all LP-gas appliances.
  • Clear counters and tables.
  • Close and latch all cabinets and closets.
  • Secure refrigerator door and storage compartments.
  • Close and secure vents and windows.
  • Turn off interior lights.
  • Turn off water pump.
  • Turn off separate 12-volt system.
  • Put window shield, awning and antenna down.
  • Lock door and retract step.
  • Make last-minute check around RV to make sure everything is on board, stored and secured.
  • If you're departing a campground, also make sure all trash is picked up around your campsite and disposed of properly in trash cans - not the campfire pit. Be courteous to other campers coming in after you by leaving the campsite cleaner than when you got there.
     Once you are on the road, keep safety first by following this Safety First Checklist.


  • It's a good rule not to cook in the unit while moving down the road.
  • NEVER have a pilot light on or the unit running at a gas station.
  • Try to avoid large cities at rush hour.
  • Speed up as you approach a steep hill to make the climb with less strain on the engine, but do so safely and in a manner consistent with road and traffic conditions.
  • If it's possible, allow one length of your vehicle, between your RV and the next vehicle, for every ten MPH.
  • When there are reports of high winds, find shelter in a campground or rest park.
  • When you are going to be passed by a bus or semi-truck, take your foot off the gas, pull as far over in the right lane as possible and steer as straight as you can until the vehicle passes.
  • Keep an eye on service station attendants who may inadvertently fill water tanks with gasoline and vice versa.
  • Some long tunnels do not allow LP gas. A five-minute phone call can save a five-hour delay. Ask for alternate routing.
  • Know how to operate your fire extinguisher.
  • Never drive when you are drowsy. If you feel yourself getting tired, switch drivers or take a break with some fresh air.


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